Support for clubs, grants, solidarity campus and inclusive competitions

The main objective is to support federation-registered futsal teams in penitentiaries in Catalonia, providing child and youth poverty grants to all players who belong to low-income families, as well as the setting up of a Football Unity Camp for children at risk of social exclusion.

In addition to which, the FC Barcelona Foundation collaborates with the organisation on the ‘Enfutbola't. Fútbol para todos’ (Let’s play football. Football for everyone) initiative, a fun, sports-themed day organised by the Catalan Football Foundation which puts players with functional, intellectual and sensory diversity front and centre.


Premis Extraordinaris del Jurat 2020

One of the Premis Solidaris awards given out by the Catalan Football Federation Foundation went to the Barça Foundation, in its 25th anniversary, for their support of vulnerable children and young people and work to make real changes towards a more egalitarian and inclusive society, with more than 1.6 million children from 58 countries benefitting -530,000 from Catalonia.