Bullying: one of the most serious problems affecting children and youths

10 %
of boys and girls suffer from bullying at school


The Barça first-string football player Sergi Roberto, the captain of the Barça women’s football team, Marta Unzué, and Barça Lassa basketball player Pau Ribas join forces in #Contraelbullying

Bullying goes beyond visible attacks

Looking down on someone, isolating them, or spreading rumours about them are also types of attacks. One of the new focal points of the FC Barcelona Foundation is the prevention of violence and peaceful conflict resolution, so we are committed to:
Giving visibility to the problem of bullying
Providing useful tools to schools, teachers, and parents so that they can prevent it.
Generate evidence that allows the problem of bullying to be dimensioned, based on scientific research

1st Symposium against Bullying

In April of 2017, this symposium was held with the aim of speaking up, raising awareness, and reaching a diagnosis about this issue. There were testimonies from victims, professionals, and Catalan organisations, with the collaboration of educators, families, and the participation of various personalities from the world of journalism, literature and performance.