Barça Foundation Team

The 24 boys and girls of the team


13 Abel Bau. Goalkeeper, 25 years old, Barcelona. The group's PR officer and a great communicator. Always ready for improvement.


1 Cristian Ginestar. Goalkeeper, 25 years old, El Prat de Llobregat. Excellent at the start of the game. Perseverance marks his path.


Sergi Rodriguez. Defender, 25 years old, Barcelona. Committed and devoted to the group. His values: teamwork, cohesion, and responsibility.


Ángel Guillorme. Defender, 18 years old, Santa Margarida de Montbui. Perseverance and desire to excel. He wants to do everything to his best abilities.


Marc Cutillas. Defender, 22 years old, Sant Cugat. Always at the ready. Affectionate and passionate about football.

AA Alvarez

Adrià Alonso. Defender, 24 years old, Barcelona. Sensitive, emotional, and committed. He has such a huge heart.


Pablo Sanchez. Defender, 23 years old, Sant Vicenç de Castellet. Empathetic and disciplined. Attentive and always willing to improve on everything.


Vladimir Alert. Defender, 22 years old, Manresa. Skill and intelligence, he always knows what to do in every situation.


Montserrat Durà. Midfielder, 34 years old, Barcelona. Generous with the group and during play. Hard-working and tireless in self-improvement.


Miquel Chavarría. Midfielder, 24 years old, Barcelona. Mischievous and orderly. The sense and rapture of a goal.


Pol Montía. Midfielder, 22 years old, Barcelona. Commitment, dedication, and goalscoring ability.


Daniel Rodríguez. Midfielder, 30 years old, Badalona. Unpredictable and, at the same time, responsible on the field. Character and courage.


Jenifer Cabanillas, Midfielder, 19 years old, Sant Fruitós de Bages. Quality and style, tiki-taka in its purest form.

Manel S.

Manel Solà. Striker, 23 years old, Terrassa. Effort, perseverance, and tireless fight along the sidelines.


Joan Alexandre Masoliver. Striker, 29 years old, Vic. His maturity flows in all directions.


Alessandra Campanini-Bonomi. Striker, 21 years old, Barcelona. An observer who knows what she wants, capable of surprising with unpredictable actions.


Marc Povedano. Striker, 24 years old, Viladecans. Always persistent. Although a Cancer, this crab marches forward!


Salvador Vidal. Striker, 18 years old, El Prat de Llobregat. Personality and always willing to help the team on the field.


Marc Jiménez. Stricker, 19 years old, Piera. Attitude, enthusiasm, and motivation. He is passionate and one of the team's most cheerful players.


Kamal El Yachou. Stricker, 23 years old, Vic. Character and a good touch with the ball. Tireless, gives everything on the field.


Guillem Angles, Stricker, 24 years old, Barcelona. Equal parts power and quality. Brimming with kindness.


Guillem Joan Coder. Stricker, 21 years old, Sant Adrià de Besòs. Always ready to improve in the face of adversity.


Elisabeth Fernández-Arroyo. Stricker, 20 years, Piera. Improves with every touch of the ball. She oozes talent.


Amine Bachir. Stricker, 17 years old, Barcelona. Energy and nerve in its purest form.