Barça Activa't

Sport-based social inclusion project for young people in Catalonia

The ‘Barça Activa't’ (Get active with Barça) program is carried out in conjunction with the provincial governments of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, as well as several Catalan town councils. Its goal is to contribute towards empowering children and adolescents, reducing conflictive behaviour and giving them the tools they need to achieve personal autonomy, bring their life projects to fruition and exercise full civic responsibility, all in collaboration with a network of local, regional and provincial organisations.

Each municipality grants the use of a space where, on two or three days a week, the following activities are carried out:
- Educational support.
- Sport (using the Barça Foundation’s own SportNet methodology).
- Educational experiences: design, creation and formalisation of sporting-themed projects that are interactive and will make a difference in the municipality. 


More than 100,000 people have benefitted from this project in over 80 municipalities in Catalonia

‘Barça Activa’t’ (Get active with Barça) is part of the holistic approach that the FC Barcelona Foundation encourages across all its projects, aiming to make an impact on as many problem areas as possible within the complex social ecosystems in different communities. The FC Barcelona Foundation’s collaboration with provincial governments and town councils in Catalonia began ten years ago and to date has reached over 110,000 beneficiaries in 84 municipalities.