‘We are what we eat’ with World Heart Day

The Foundation's campaign to encourage good eating habits is supporting the day and thus reasserting its commitment to the cause

The FC Barcelona Foundation, via its ‘We are what we eat’ campaign to promote healthy eating habits has joined up with World Heart Day on Monday September 29.

World Heart Day, organised by the World Heart Federation promotes preventative measures and awareness raising on the importance of the fight against cardiovascular illnesses, which cause 17.3 million deaths a year around the world and are the main cause of death in developed countries. This figure is expected to rise to 23 million by 2030.

Experts believe that many of these deaths could be avoided by avoiding such risk factors as smoking, unhealthy eating and the lack of exercise. The World Health Organisation is aiming to reduce premature death due to these illnesses by 25% for 2025.

‘We are what we eat’ is the FC Barcelona Foundation’s flagship in this area. The campaign started three years ago and promotes healthy eating and regular sport among children through face-to-face workshops and online audiovisual campaigns. The campaign uses the FC Barcelona first team players and the youngsters at La Masia as role models.