‘We are what we eat’ has moved into a new phase as it seeks to encourage young people to eat more greens

Juan Carlos Navarro is the star of the latest audiovisual campaign The FC Barcelona Foundation will produce new documents on healthy eating and will continue to run workshops around the country promoting the issue


'We are what we eat' is the FC Barcelona Foundation’s campaign to promote healthy eating, and has moved into a new phase in which children are being encouraged to eat more vegetables. Following on from the campaign of a few months ago involving Carles Puyol and an orange, it’s basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro who stars in this latest campaign, in which he displays his skills with a cabbage.

More promotional material and workshops

The campaign makes examples of FC Barcelona players and the residents of Masia as it teaches children about healthy eating, with such products as a seasonal calendar of fruit and vegetables and video-recipes, which will be focusing now on vegetables. All of this material will gradually be added to the project’s official website at www.somelquefem.cat, and also on all FC Barcelona communication channels and social networks.

'We are what we eat' will also be travelling around Catalonia hosting workshops on healthy eating, having already appeared with great success in Barcelona and Girona. Aimed at children aged between 4 and 14 years, the workshops use games to explore the ideas behind the food pyramid, explain which plants and trees produce which fruits and vegetables, and show young people how to prepare dishes using these products.

Then campaign is being promoted by the FC Barcelona Foundation in conjunction with the Fundació Alícia and the SHE (Science, Health and Education) Foundation, the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and the ‘Obra Social’ service at La Caixa.