We are what we eat: 2012

The healthy eating campaign promoted by the FCB Foundation, ‘Som el que mengem’ (We are what we eat) was presented last Tuesday at Barcelona’s ‘Mercat de la Llibertat’ by Sandro Rosell and Ferran Adrià The campaign will tour Catalonia organising healthy eating workshops. Carles Puyol has ceded his image rights to launch the campaign. Mr Rosell said that it was “an honour” to get the campaign underway once again while Mr Adrià described the campaign as "unique"

Last Tuesday afternoon witnessed the start of a new edition of the awareness campaign ‘Som el que fem. Som el que mengem’ (We are what we do, we are what we eat) promoted by the FC Barcelona Foundation with the Alicia Foundation, and in cooperation with the SHE Foundation (Science, Health and Education), the World Heart Federation, the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and the Obra Social “la Caixa”.

Following on from the success of last year’s campaign, the Foundation is once again encouraging healthy eating among children and young people, using the Barça players and the residents of the Masia academy as prime examples.

Presentation in the Mercat de la Llibertat

The presentation was held in front of a fruit and vegetable stall in Barcelona’s Mercat de la Llibertat, reminding us that locally produced seasonal produce must be included in a healthy balanced diet. The presentation was attended by Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona; Ramon Pont, first vice-president primer of the FC Barcelona Foundation; Ramon Cierco, second vice-president of the FC Barcelona Foundation; Ferran Adrià, president of the advisory council of the Alicia Foundation; Eduard Torres, patron of the SHE Foundation; Carmen Cabezas, sub-director for the promotion of health of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Jaume Giró, executive director of “la Caixa” and Raimond Blasi, president of the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets.

Mr Rosell stressed that it was “an honour” to get the second edition of the campaign underway and underlined the importance of healthy eating: "With good produce we are healthy in the same way that with good players we get good football”. Ferran Adrià admitted that, since last year, the international press had come to know him as Barça’s chef due to the impact of the first 'Som el que mengem' campaign. He told those present: “Projects like this are more important than they may seem” and went on to describe it as “unique”.

With the support of the first team

Just like last year, the participation of sportsmen and women from FC Barcelona will be vital in bringing the message to young people. This year, Carles Puyol is the protagonist of the campaign’s first advert, which will be presented on all Club media in the coming days.

Theme-based packs, local festivities and ‘online’

‘Som el que mengem’, which will go on until the end of the season, is divided into a number of phases, each of which is devoted to a single theme, for instance fruit, carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins etc.

This year, the project will make an impact around Catalonia thanks to a series of healthy eating workshops where children and young adults will find out about the benefits of a healthy diet and enjoy themselves in a variety of fun activities. The first workshop will be held from 22nd to 24th September in the Passeig Lluís Companys in Barcelona, coinciding with the Mercè Festival.

The campaign will also be online at www.somelquefem.cat featuring a range of educational and awareness material on healthy eating. These include videos of the usual recipes in the Masia young players’ residence with their chef, Fernando Redondo. There’s also information on the eating habits and preferences of the first team players and advice on eating fruit and vegetables.