Thiago, Cesc and Fontàs attend Barcelona's Children's Festival

The first team players visited FC Barcelona’s ‘Somos lo que respetamos’ (We are what we respect) stand Cesc, Thiago and Fontàs played football with the children and signed autographs

Barça’s first team players are committed to FC Barcelona Foundation’s social campaigns. This Monday afternoon, a small contingent from Guardiola’s team – Cesc, Thiago and Fontàs – attended the Foundation’s stand at the Barcelona Children’s Festival, located in the second pavilion at Montjuïc’s fairgrounds.

The Foundation has been promoting the ‘Somos lo que respetamos’ (We are what we respect) campaign – which aims to teach children the social value of respect, tolerance and sociability through recreational and educational activities –  at Children’s Festival since December 27th. The Festival concludes on the 4th of January.

Scrimmage and autographs

Cesc, Thiago and Fontàs drew a lot of excitement to the FC Barcelona Foundation stand. The three footballers played a football match on a small field with 10 children, afterward the players attended the long line of children waiting to get their posters and photos signed. Surely, many of the children's dreams to play alongside a professional FC Barcelona player became reality today.