The making of the video featuring Juan Carlos Navarro for ‘Som el que mengem’

The video shows us how they made the publicity film staring Juan Carlos Navarro for the campaign 'Som el que mengem' (We are what we eat) for the FC Barcelona Foundation

FC Barcelona Regal basketball star, Juan Carlos Navarro, is the new face of the campaign ‘Som el que mengem’ (We are what we eat), aimed at promoting healthy eating. In the publicity video, which encourages young people to eat vegetables, Navarro shows his dexterity with a cabbage and invites viewers to adopt a healthy diet. Now you can find out just how they made the film with loads of outtakes showing Navarro’s skill with the ‘ball’ plus inside info on all the tricks using in shooting the film

‘Som el que mengem’, which features the players of FC Barcelona and the residents of the Masia as examples to follow, will soon be offering lots of information about a healthy diet including video recipes based on vegetables. The Foundation will carry on touring Catalonia with healthy eating workshops, which have so far been done with great success in Barcelona and Girona.