The great social achievements of the alliance between the FCB Foundation and UNICEF now on display at the Camp Nou Experience

Various symbolic objects sit beside trophies inside the display cabinet of the Camp Nou Experience to show the results of ten years working together

The Triumph of Dreams campaign, created to mark the ten-year anniversary of the alliance between the FCB Foundation and UNICEF, has taken a step forward and has entered one of the most important areas of the stadium, the FC Barcelona Museum, the space where the club’s most important honours are kept. A comprehensive collection of sports trophies are now joined by objects that symbolize the social achievements that have been achieved between the Foundation and UNICEF in the decade of working together.

Until February 13, alongside the most adorned trophies and historical items, visitors can walk through the museum and see the objects that symbolize the social triumphs that have come as a result of the work done in the fight against HIV-AIDS in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola and for the promotion of sport as an educational tool in China, Brazil, Ghana and South Africa, social goals that go beyond sport and give meaning to the club motto of ‘more than a club’.

These changes to the Camp Nou Experience, which in 2015 was the most visited museum in Catalonia with 1.7million visitors, were carried out with the help of a team of Museum experts from the Club in the early hours of the morning in an unprecedented operation.

On the first floor of the Camp Nou Experience, in the display cabinet in which the five Champions League trophies are kept, is a sports kit and, a few metres away, and educational kit in a suitcase, items used in projects for the development of sport in China, Ghana, Brazil and South Africa. A birth certificate and a ball surrounded by red ribbons complete the exhibition and symbolize the work carried out in order to register children in civil registries of Swaziland and the work of awareness, detection and prevention of HIV/AIDS respectively.

Surprised Camp Nou Experience visitors

In the above video, you can see the location of these items on the tour of the FCB Museum and the reaction of the fans who visited the new installation found these unexpected social trophies.

This video, which was spread across social media and the communication channels of the FCB Foundation, FC Barcelona and UNICEF, complete the audiovisual campaign of ‘The triumph of dreams’, which started with a video presented in November, coinciding with when children filled the President Suñol Box at the Camp Nou, and starring players from the first team and various South African beneficiaries of the alliance.

The major social milestones achieved thanks to the alliance

During these years, incredible work has been done, reaching over one million beneficiaries. From 2006 to 2010, work has been carried out in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola in awareness, prevention and detection of HIV/AIDS. From 2011 to present day, work focuses on South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and China, with sport used as a tool for education and development.

The joint effort has resulted in outstanding social achievements:

- In Swaziland, over 50,000 children have obtained their birth certificate.

- In Angola, over 44,000 youngsters have received sporting material, with the objective of preventing HIV/AIDS.

- We managed to bring sport to more than 4,200 children with disabilities in Brazil. - 14,600 children in rural areas of China have received psychological support through sport.

- 261,000 children in Ghana have received sporting material, which motivates them to go to school.

In South Africa, 2,700 children participate in leadership workshops, key to the process of peace building in their country.

More than a million beneficiaries in ten years

September 2016 marked ten years of the first agreement between the FCB Foundation and UNICEF, signed at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Since then, the two organisations have joined forces to benefit more than one million children through joint projects in seven countries, and have left a lasting memory wherever they have focused their efforts.

The collaboration between FC Barcelona and UNICEF is based on the belief that all children should receive quality education and enjoy the opportunity to play and practice sports.

‘The triumph of dreams’ of millions of children

To mark the 10th anniversary of the alliance, the two organizations have launched Triumph of Dreams, a campaign created by publicist Jorge Martínez who seeks to equate the sporting success of recent years of FC Barcelona with the social goals that have been achieved with children around the world thanks to this alliance.