The Foundation unveils the Fòrum Fundació FCB

The goal of the Forum is to encourage debates on a wide range of cultural and athletic topis that have a direct or indirect impact on the Club's activities The Forum, which will hold its first gathering in September, will be hosted at FC Barcelona's facilities, but other venues around the city will also be able to host the Forum

The FC Barcelona Foundation announced the creation of the Fòrum Fundació FCB [FC Barcelona Foundation Forum]. The Forum aims to foment debates on a wide array of cultural and athletic topics that are directly or indirectly linked to the Club’s activities. The Fòrum Fundació FCB proposes to use dialogue to further Barça’s progress and to enrich athletic and ideological discussion. The Fòrum Fundació FCB is open to any Barcelonista that wishes to participate.

The panelists, including participants that hail from both the local and international world of sports, will represent a wide range of independent and diverse opinions. The debate topics will be based on FC Barcelona and its values, and the Fòrum Fundació FCB will also be used to pay tribute to individuals that have been part of the Club’s history (players, managers, directors, etc.).

The Forum’s activities (debates, conferences and expositions) will start in September at FC Barcelona’s facilities, other venues around the city can also host the Forum intermittently.

 Independent advisory committee

The structure of the Forum will rely heavily on the FC Barcelona Foundation. It will be advised by an independent advisory committee made up of established individuals within the world of sports and culture, the committee will be representative of the Club and of Catalan society.

The president of the advisory committee will be Jaume Llauradó, who has extensive experience in the world of sports. He was vice president of FC Barcelona, member of the Barça Veterans Foundation, patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation, vice president of the Roda de Barà, founder of the Plataforma Pro Selecciones Catalanas and a proponent of Planet Football and Fòrum Samitier.

For Llauradó “Barça is the most important sports club in the world, but it also has very important values, history and people. This Forum aims to discuss topics that can be important for the Club. We want to hear different opinions in order to arrive to conclusions that will help Barça progress.”