The first team players take part in an educational video for the 'Barçakids' project

The FC Barcelona first team squad have taken part in an educational video for the 'Barçakids' FCB Foundation project that will be used in 45 schools in Catalan speaking areas

The Barça first team once again has taken part in one of the FC Barcelona Foundation’s social projects, appearing in a video for the Barçakids project that this season is being used in schools across Catalan speaking areas.

Filming took place a few weeks ago in the Ciutat Esportiva and in the video Messi, Xavi, Busquets, Bartra and Bravo promote the five key values that the project itself deals with (strength, respect, team work, modesty and ambition). The recording is a valuable teaching tool that is being shown in educational establishments during ‘Barçakids’ sessions and it is receiving a warm reception from the children involved.

You can see how the video was made right here:


El jugadors del primer equip amb 'Barçakids' por fcbarcelona

The new 'Barçakids' season under way

‘Barçakids’ is in its third year and has returned to schools with the objective of playing its part in helping form and educate children about values.

The project is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age to promote their value system via the educational elements of sport. ‘Barçakids’ is being put into practice in 45 schools in Catalan speaking areas and it is structured into teaching unites to help promote values.

Some 150 children per centre, in three schooldays, have the opportunity to take part in this teaching experience which is based on oral expression, writing and participating in sport as a vehicle for its content.

Great reception from the teaching community

Last season the project was once more well received by children taking part, their families and the educational community. According to a report by the DEP Institute, ‘Barçakids’ left an excellent impression last season in the schools where it was implemented as the figures in the graphic below show: