The ‘Children's President's Box’, protagonist for the Barça-Málaga game

FCB Foundation and UNICEF will promote, with various different events, the campaign 'The triumph of dreams' which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the alliance

The FCB Foundation and UNICEF celebrate the 10th anniversary of their alliance at the Barça-Málaga game with different commemorative events that highlight to the world the strong commitment from both sides to help vulnerable infants and to promote sport as a means of development. It will take place a day before the Universal Children's Day on the 20 November which marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

The most memorable moment of the night will be when the President Suñol director's box is converted into the 'Children's Director's Box' and 140 boys and girls, who have benefited from the FCB Foundation and UNICEF projects, will watch the game. The children will be accompanied by a small institutional representation on behalf of Barça, UNICEF and Málaga. The image will travel around the world due to its symbolism and it will exemplify FC Barcelona's social conscience.

Messi, Neymar, Mascherano and Luis Enrique star in the ‘The triumph of dreams’

Before and after the game at the stadium there will be references to 'The Triumph of dreams', the new campaign which both organisations are promoting to celebrate their anniversary.

This campaign counts on a video starring Messi, Neymar, Mascherano, Luis Enrique and some children who benefit from the partnership. The theme is dreams and the sporting triumphs achieved by FC Barcelona in the last few years are compared to the social achievements accomplished in helping children worldwide thanks to this alliance.

In the video we can see a role change in which the first team players have the children's dreams and, the children have the players' dreams. A symbolic role reversal which reinforces the importance of all that has been achieved in these ten years.

The campaign, which will be covered by both external and the club's media outlets, counts on various visual pieces which we will see in the coming days in different points of Barcelona.

The creativity comes from the prestigious publicist Jorge Martínez and the advert is accompanied by the song 'Kids' written by Neuman. This band from Murcia, led by Paco Román, have signed over the rights to this song to the campaign.

Children's activities on the esplanade and a closing ceremony at the 1899 Auditorium

The activities organised to promote the launch of this campaign will also be held on the esplanade outside the main stand where, before the game, children will be able to take part in various workshops such as the 'Dreams Trophy Workshop' in which the youngest will be able to make a trophy with their own hands.

To end the day of celebrations, once the game is over around 6.45pm CET, the activities will move to the 1899 Auditorium, where girls and boys will continue to be the protagonists. Club and UNICEF representatives will be there to receive the children and give them the opportunity to ask questions prepared for this emblematic day.

The great milestones achieved thanks to the partnership

During these years a large amount of work has been done which has benefited over one million people. From 2006 to 2010 work was done in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola to help raise awareness, prevent and detect Aids. From 2011 to the present day, the work has been centred on South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and China and sport is used as an educational tool to aid development. The joint work has led to these achievements:

In Swaziland, more than 50,000 children have obtained their birth certificate.

In Angola more than 44,000 young people have received sporting equipment with the objective of preventing Aids.

4,200 youngsters with disabilities have started playing sport in Brazil.

14,600 boys and girls in rural areas of China have received psychosocial support through sport.

261,000 children in Ghana have received sporting equipment and this motivates them to go to school.

In South Africa, 2,700 children have taken part in workshops on leadership which are key to encourage the ongoing peace process in the country.

Renewal of the agreement

The campaign 'The triumph of dreams' signals the start of another stage in the collaboration between the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF. The agreement will continue to develop institutional ties and will alow both entities to face new challenges together through new projects which will continue to help those vulnerable children worldwide.

After ten years of intense work in the field, promoting social projects all over the globe, the two entities took another step forward last February and they extended their partnership. Thanks to this new agreement, FC Barcelona Foundation will contribute €2m to the collaboration with the objective of implementing projects promoting the education of young people through sport in the areas of the world which most need it.

The agreement runs until 2020, with the commitment that the UNICEF logo remains on the first team's shirt to raise awareness of the topic of children's rights.

UNICEF: the best possible ally to help the children

UNICEF is the United Nations' agency in charge of children and is the most prestigious and emblematic institution in the world in this area. FC Barcelona want to express our profound respect and appreciation for everything they do.

Play is a recognised right of childhood and sporting activities are a very powerful tool to improve the lives of the youngest in society. During this decade the challenge is to combine both elements, sport and play, and convert them into an access point to education so thousands of children can have a chance to develop their potential. There is a long road ahead and we will continue to make dreams come true for the most vulnerable chilren in the world.