Support for the Philippines

FC Barcelona is backing a UNICEF campaign to help the people affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Barça is answering a call from UNICEF to help mitigate the terrible effects of typhoon Haiyan, which swept across the Philippines last Friday. According to the UN, nearly 10 million people – about 10% of the population of the Philippines – have been affected by the disaster, and some 660,000 have lost their homes.

UNICEF’s main priority at the moment is to save lives: getting basic medicines, food, drinking water and hygiene products to the people most in need. UNICEF is faced by the daunting task of reaching out to some 4 million children who are the most vulnerable victims of the aftermath of the biggest storm on record.

During these first days of the emergency it is essential to locate, identify and keep in safe areas the 4 million children who live in the areas affected by the typhoon. This is the first step in reuniting them with their families and keeping them out of the hands of child traffickers. Anyone who would like help in this emergency can send an SMS with the word UNICEF to 28028 or make a donation via the UNICEF website.


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