Suárez and Bartra support alliance between Foundation and Inter-American Development Bank

The two players and vice-president Jordi Cardoner appear at an event in Washington DC and answer questions from beneficiaries of the ‘FutbolNet’ project in Mexico

The FC Barcelona Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) reaffirmed their alliance at an event held on Monday in Washington DC featuring first team players Luis Suárez and Marc Bartra, who were joined by Barça vice-president Jordi Cardoner. The venue was the IDB headquarters in the US capital, and was also attended by Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the organisation and Colombian singer-songwriter Carlos Vives.

One of the main topics of the event was the role that sport can play in social development as a way of improving the lives of children in Latin America and the Caribbean, the regions where the Foundation and IDB have developed joint projects.

Working together in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Suárez and Bartra were able to answer questions from some of the young beneficiaries of the ‘FutbolNet’ project in Mexico. The Uruguayan also spoke about his recent charity projects for sick children. The two players highlighted the importance of values both on and off the field of play. This was followed by a video message from former Barça star Rafa Márquez, who thanked the almost three hundred people that had packed the hall at the IDB.

With projects in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, the alliance between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the IDB uses sport to help improve children’s grades, to mitigate juvenile delinquency and violence, and to foster social inclusion. The project being applied in these three countries is called ‘FutbolNet’, a pedagogic methodology designed to encourage dialogue and the peaceful resolution of problems through football.

Cardoner: "Barça can bring a lot to the less fortunate in society"

Jordi Cardoner stressed the Club's spirit of solidarity: "At FC Barcelona we can offer a lot to society and the underprivileged. Barça is not just a football club. This is a club that, unlike others, is much more committed to social causes." Luis Suárez directly addressed the children:  “The most important thing is discipline and study but if you like sport and soccer then you have to be consistent and most of all pay attention to your parent’s advice”. Marc Bartra also stressed the importance of values: “The most important value on the field of play is companionship. You also have to be competitive but understanding that in the good sense. You need to know how to win but also learn how to lose”.

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