Step forward in eradicating polio from India

On this coming Friday 13, it will have been a year since there was a case of polio in India The Fundació FC Barcelona and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wish to express their delight at this important achievement, which goes one step further in the process of eradicating the disease

In 2009, India had more detected cases of polio than anywhere else in the world. Three years later and the situation has taken a radical change for the better. On January 13 it will be one year since the detection of the last case of polio in the country. These twelve months do not mean that the disease has been eradicated for good, but do show that things are heading in the right direction.

The success has come thanks to the governmental policies in India and the help of thousands of doctors and volunteers. The illness is no longer considered 'endemic' in the country, and if no further cases are detected over the next two years, then it will be possible to consider it totally eradicated.

"This is a great achievement in the fight against polio. Children in India are now protected against this weakening and now preventable disease, so we have gone a step towards saving and improving the lives of children", said Bill Gates.

The Fundació FC Barcelona and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as part of their collaboration agreement signed last summer, wish to promote this feat, which means so much in the campaign to get rid of the disease for good. The agreement between the two foundations wishes to speak out for awareness of the illness and encourage society and relevant organisations to join the fight against it.