Rosell sits down with The New York Time and ESPN; meets with Rafa Márquez

The FC Barcelona president was interviewed this Wednesday in New York by The New York Times and ESPN Mr. Rosell also met with Rafa Márquez to talk about future collaborative projects between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Rafa Márquez Foundation

During his trip to New York City, Sandro Rosell was interviewed by two North American press outlets, the The New York Times and ESPN.

Interest in Barça’s athletic and social endeavors

Rosell visited the headquarters of The New York Times and talked for approximately one hour with the executive team of the newspaper. On the Club’s social initiatives, the American journalists were keen on getting additional information on the FC Barcelona Foundation. The Club allocates 0.7% of its yearly revenue and the professional players and team staff willingly donate 0.5% of their salaries to fund the Foundation. Rosell also fielded questions on the history and philosophy of the Masia and how the Club goes about spotting budding stars around the world. The Barça president then sat down with Dan Thomas, the host of ESPN’s Press Pass program.

Meeting with Rafa Márquez

Mr. Rosell’s last meeting of the day was with the ex-Azulgrana Rafa Márquez at the Mercer hotel. The two men talked about future possible collaborations between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Rafa Márquez Foundation, which works to help at-risk children in Mexico.