Rosell explains the Foundation's guidelines at the Global Sports Forum

The FC Barcelona President explained the main focus of the FC Barcelona Foundation during a roundtable discussion with Consuelo Crespo The work in Catalonia, using sports as a social tool and the relevance of the alliance with UNICEF, were the topics in today’s discussion

Sandro Rosell and Consuelo Crespo, UNICEF President in Spain, led a roundtable discussion at the Global Sports Forum. During the discussion, presented as “philanthropy in sports,” Rosell gave an overview of FC Barcelona Foundation’s work. He also said that the focus now is on “local efforts in Catalonia through sports” and that the FCB Foundation seeks strategic “alliances with other big foundations.”

Rosell also explained that the “FC Barcelona players and coached donate 0.5% of their salaries” in order to assist the Foundation in realizing ongoing efforts. Crespo highlighted “the importance of the players’ messages,” and that  “sport is a fundamental tool to reach young people and children.”

Work with UNICEF in four countries

According to Crespo, the work with the Foundation and UNICEF is focused on four countries: “China, Brazil, South Africa and Ghana.” Rosell reiterated that the Club’s values “are also present in the Masía and in the first team,” he also said that Nelson Mandela is “a leader, spiritually speaking, in what a sports foundation should be.”