La Masia illuminated in blue to honour 70th anniversary of United Nations

FC Barcelona has joined in with the worldwide initiative to light emblematic buildings in honour of this very special occasion

This Saturday 24 October marks 70 years since the United Nations was created, and FC Barcelona has played its part in the Turn the World UN Blue project to illuminate more than 160 buildings around the world in the colour that symbolises the organisation.

The Masia building at the Ciutat Esportiva is being lit that way from 8.00pm CET to 10.00pm CET by sixteen floodlights facing the façade of one of the most iconic buildings in world sport. Other constructions glowing blue today include the Empire State in New York, Sydney Opera House, the TV Tower in Berlin and the Alhambra in Granada. In Barcelona, La Pedrera and the City Hall will also be getting this special treatment.

FC Barcelona and the United Nations

FC Barcelona has shared a special bond with the UN since 2006 when it signed an agreement with Unicef. Through the FCB Foundation, the two institutions have worked together on a number of charity, educational and cultural projects, not just in association with Unicef, but also Unesco and Acnur. FC Barcelona is also adhered to the Millennium Development Goals, and has always been supportive of the plight of sections of society that face difficulties in terms of poverty, human rights, education and equality.

La Masia s’il.lumina de blau per celebrar el... por fcbarcelona