Second edition of the 'FutbolNet' project in Iraq, Oman and Qatar

The project will run till June and benefit 3,000 children between 8 and 16 years old. This year there will also be two groups of girls taking part in the project

The Fundació FC Barcelona have launched the ‘FutbolNet’ project in Iraq, Oman and Qatar for the second year running, following the success of the project to promote values through football in these countries last year, when the 3.000 participants responded positively to the programme.

The project will run this year in six Iraqi cities - Ad Dayr, Basrah, Abu Al Khasib, Zubayr and Annashwa, six more in Oman - Muscat, Ibri, Bediya, Sohar, Fanjah, Barkaa and two in Qatar -Doha and  Al Khor, with a thousand children aged between 8 and 16 benefitting in each country.

Girls in Qatar and Oman being incorporated into the project

One of the challenges which the  Fundació FC Barcelona has assumed is the incorporation of girls – who are not normally included in sports activities in these areas - into the project. The work done by the Fundaci’o technical team has won the confidence of the local communities and have created two girl groups in Quatar and Oman who will also have the chance to take part in the ‘FutbolNet’.

Specific objectives for each country

For this second phase, the Fundació has clarified its objectives for each community in an attempt to take their specific needs and conditions into account. For example in Iraq, special emphasis is being given on working to reduce aggressive behaviour amongst young people and improving their academic performances. In Oman the stress is on team work and respect, whilst in Qatar, the encouragement of healthy eating habits is being developed as a reaction to the high levels of child obesity in the country.