‘FutbolNet Qatar', with the Cadeta A team in Doha

30 children were selected from a pool of nearly 1,000 FutbolNet participants. The project started at the beginning last season

Taking advantage of the fact that the Cadete A team are in Doha for the Al Kass International Cou, a group of 30 children between the ages of 10 and 12 were able to watch the team train this afternoon. The children, who are part of the FC Barcelona Foundation’s FutbolNet Qatar programme, enjoyed the experience of being at the training session and they were able to meet the players after practice concluded.

After the session, the Blaugrana played a series of scrimmages with the FutbolNet children and the Cadete A coaching staff held a clinic for the children, where the values of the sport and the Foundation’s motto, ‘Those who have values, win’, took centre stage.

The children who participated were selected from the nearly 1,000 participants in the FutbolNet programme. In addition to teaching values, FutbolNet offers up lessons on how to encourage healthy eating habits, a priority of the Qatar government due to the high index of childhood obesity in the country.