‘FutbolNet’ application warmly welcomed on launch in Oman

The project has started in the capital and will later expand around the geography of the Asian country, where 2,000 young people are expected to participate

The FC Barcelona Foundation and Shell have set up the ‘FutbolNet’ application in Oman. It was launched in Muscat, the capital of the country, and in the city of Bedia and will gradually spread around the whole of Oman, reaching Sohar and Barka on June 12 and 13 respectively. ‘FutbolNet’ will be implemented in the territory for two years and some 2,000 young people aged between 8 and 16 years are expected to take part.

‘FutbolNet’ is an educational programme that uses football to promote such life skills as commitment, respect, tolerance, teamwork, responsibility and effort among boys and girls aged between 8 and 16 years. It has been well received in Oman, where the benefits for the individual and collective development of the country’s young people have been well appreciated. ‘FutbolNet’ is enjoying the full support of the Omani Sports Ministry, Education Ministry and Football Federation.

Proven success of the social project

"’FutbolNet’ reflects Shell’s active and long-term commitment to development in Oman” said the president of Shell Development Oman, John Blascos, during the launch of the application. “The programme is designed to spread social skills and knowledge among the young people of Oman, which will not only have a positive impact on their lives, but also on their families and communities. It is the shared passion for sport in Oman and the rest of the world that means that football can play such a positive role in young people’s lives. It is the shared passion for excellence that will help to construct the lives of the future leaders of the country”.

“We are very pleased to be participating in this initiative in Oman, a country that shares our passion for football” said Antoni Tombas, the patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation who travelled to Oman for the occasion. "‘FutbolNet’ offers the experience of a global leader in innovation, Shell, and the power to transform of FC Barcelona, which will offer young Omanis a chance to learn about key values that will guide them towards success in their lives”.

The main goal of the ‘FutbolNet’ methodology is to promote dialogue between participants in order to generate mutually respectful and understanding relationships, while also addressing such areas as self-confidence, the assumption of  responsibilities and other life skills.