Funds allocated to the 'Together for Africa' project

The campaign, which raised more than 150,000 euros, will allocate the funds equally to the projects run by UNICEF, ACNUR and FAO in Africa The goal is to alleviate the most urgent needs of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa Barça's first-team players donated signed merchandise to the campaign in order to encourage public participation

To help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, La Caixa’s Social Project, in collaboration with the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid foundations, kicked off a fund raising venture to alleviate the suffering borne out of this humanitarian crisis. The campaign raised a total 154,333 euros, and the funds will be distributed equally among UNICEF, ACNUR and FAO.

Jaime Lanaspa, Executive Director of the La Caixa’s Social Project; Josep Cortada, Director General of the FC Barcelona Foundation; Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice President of the Real Madrid Foundation; Paloma Escudero, Executive Director of UNICEF Spain; María Ángeles Siemens, General Director of the ACNUR Spanish Committee; and Beatriz Beeckman, FAO spokesperson, signed the three-way agreement that establishes the management of donations and equal allocation to the three non-governmental organizations.

Uniting efforts

The FC Barcelona Foundation donated merchandise signed by Barça’s first-team players in order to increase public participation in the project.

La Caixa’s Social Project opened up a charity account in December and encouraged the public to donate funds through their online services (, in person at local La Caixa branches and through La Caixa’s electronic services (ATMs and web Open Line).

Project details

The campaign, which raised 154,335 euros, will donate the entirety of the funds to the three projects run by UNICEF, ACNUR and FAO. These projects are designed to address the most urgent needs in the Horn of Africa.

UNICEF will use the funds to combat the severe and acute malnutrition crisis in Somalia. The funds will guarantee treatment for malnutrition for 1,285 children, ranging from six months to five-years-old. The treatment consists of two to three doses of therapeutic nutrition for four to six weeks, the complete treatment for one child costs 42 euros. UNICEF will be able to distribute more than 100,000 units of therapeutic treatment.

ACNUR will use the funds to assists the more than 8,325 displaced people in the camps of Dadaab in Kenya. The refugees are victims of drought, hunger and the conflict in Somalia. The funds will provide refuge, basic material packages (cooking utensils, mosquito nets, water containers, mattresses, etc.) and emergency kits (food and therapeutic nutrition, rehydration kits, water purification tablets, etc.).

FAO will allocate the funds to alleviate the famine crisis in Kenya. The funds will specifically be used to help 27 vulnerable families (widows and orphaned children) become food self-sufficient, through raising rabbits, which will help the families feed themselves and start a business. Due to the high cost of meat, many of the families cannot eat, thus the introduction of rabbit raising will help alleviate the situation.