'Freestyler' John Farnworth shows off his skills for '1 in 11'

The British footballing performer visited Sotheby's and demonstrated his abilities before the '1 in 11' art collection for auction

The countdown for the auction for the ‘1 in 11’ project has now begun. The works donated by various artists are now being shown at Sotheby’s London headquarters, waiting to be valued. The silence and reverence that normally reigns in the esteemed auction house was momentarily broken by a rather unusual visitor. ‘Freestyle’ World Champion John Farnworth showed off his skills with the ball and some of his touches are worthy of being called art, although in this case, they will not be up for auction.


‘1 in 11’ is a project that has been set up by the FC Barcelona Foundation, Unicef, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) and its aim is to raise money for educational projects in Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia.