Football lines up behind the refugees for FCB - UD Las Palmas

The Foundation will install a mini football pitch outside Camp Nou which fans can use after making a donation to help the campaign 'Tant se val d'on venim'

The campaign ‘Tant se val d’on venim’ continues with new proposals to raise money to help the refugees in Europe. Coinciding with the game between FC Barcelona and Las Palmas this Saturday, the Foundation will install in the in the area around the ground a small football pitch in which adults as well as kids can enjoy themselves and show off their skills before the big game. The only thing that fans and members have to do to is make a donation to the campaign ‘Tant se val d’on venim’ in one of the boxes supplied for the occasion. The amount is discretionary and the money raised will go directly to the Red Cross in favour of the Syrian refugees.

This activity, that will have as its slogan ‘If we all play, we all win’, will be in action from 10.00am until 12.00pm and then from 1.30pm until the kick off between Barça and Las Palmas at 4.00pm.

Donations in person, online and via SMS

‘Tant se val d’on venim’ attempts to raise awareness about the critical situation of the Syrian refugees who are arriving in Europe and to raise money to help them. The Foundation has opened up three ways to donate money – in person via boxes distributed around the stadium, via the microsite or via SMS for people using Spanish telecommunication operators sending the word FCBREFUGIATS to the number 28014 (a donation of 1.20 euros).

The campaign has been launched with the collaboration of the Red Cross, the international organisation which is an expert in this type of refugee crisis and will be the benefactors of the efforts to raise money.

Players playing their part

FC Barcelona wants the entire Club to play a part in the campaign (fans, members and supporters’ clubs, sponsors and the players and coaches from the professional sections). In fact, the first team players have got involved themselves in the campaign as well with videos and photographs that are being distributed via social networks.