First ‘we can be whatever we want to be’ training session

As many as 125 teachers and physiotherapists attended this training session that teaches physical education professionals how to include physically disabled people in their different sports disciplines

On Friday in Sala París at the Camp Nou, the first training session was held forming part of the project ‘we can be whatever we want to be’. This is a theory and practical session for some 125 teachers and physiotherapist to teach them about the instruments that can be used to apply inclusive sport to their professional practice. The session commenced at 9.30 in the morning with a welcome by the board members of the FC Barcelona Foundation, Lola Bou i Antoni Tombas, and the head of the Cerebral Damage Unit at the Guttmann Institute.

Unusual training offer

In the morning three conferences were given by expert professionals on the subject, who offered highly valuable theoretical content to the attendees. Among other issues dealt with were functional diversity in the school environment, the concept of inclusive schooling and cooperative learning. The sessions were especially well received by monitors and physiotherapists alike. “There isn’t enough specific training on inclusive sport, and sessions like these are very interesting for us”, said Anabel Conde, who teaches PE in Sabadell.

Practical session with fifteen different activities

Theory gave way to practical in the afternoon and all of the activities were transferred to one of the forecourts on the Camp Nou grounds. It was there that as many as fifteen inclusive activities were exposed by Carles Yepes and Jordi Finestres, physical education teachers at the Guttmann Institute and by Raül Romero, a teacher specialising in this area. The 125 teachers were able to learn how to include physically disabled pupils in such sports as handball, athletics, volleyball, korfball and the most common cooperative games.