FCB Foundation meets with the President of Israel

Reuven Rivlin thanks the Club for its awareness in relation to the country and asks about its social projects, which use sports as a tool to promote dialogue and understanding between young people

The tenth president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, held a meeting this Tuesday at his residence in Jerusalem with the FC Barcelona Foundation delegation that’s visiting the country, headed by the club’s first vice-president Jordi Cardoner, the executive director of the foundation Nacho Mestre, and its director general Mària Vallès.

This was a great opportunity for the guests to tell the leading political figure in the country about the work that the club’s foundation does for the integration and education of young people though sport.

Rivlin has a personal interest in the sport to build bridges between cultures through being the personal leader of Israeli Hope for Sports, where the Israeli Federation and League work together to foster a better understanding between the Arab and Jewish populations.    

And the premier has also been known to say that he’s a passionate follower of Barça. He was once president of a football club himself, a role he always liked to use to encourage the proper social development of young players.

After meeting the president, the Barça delegation moved on to the Israeli Parliament building, the Knesset, to be met by MPs Isaac Herzog, the leader of the opposition, Revital Swid, Ahmad Tibi and Yaakov Perry, where the various dignitaries were able to exchange impressions about different ideologies and sensibilities.

Statement by Jordi Cardoner

“The fact that a national president has welcomed the FC Barcelona Foundation is recognition of our institution, as has previously been the case with other heads of state and the Pope. I insist that such admiration for our club is universal and the way the team plays and the human and sporting conditions of our players are taking on an increasingly greater role as ambassadors of our projects”.

“On our visit to Parliament, we have been able to see how two MPs with completely opposing ideologies and stances made the comment that the only thing they agree on when they speak is the quality of Barça, and that shows how universal our flag is”.

Statement by Reuven Rivlin

“Football brings people together. Young people know that football is about team-work and that there can be no success in life without it. Barça is a real example of team-work. All of the charity work that its Foundation does should be recognised all around the world, because football builds bridges and overcomes differences. Barça is a wonderful team.”