FC Barcelona calls for support for Ecuadorian earthquake relief

Unicef needs urgent donations to aid the 250,000 children that has been affected by the earthquake in the South American country

FC Barcelona wishes to offer its support to the Ecuadorian people. The country is in urgent in need of humanitarian aid after being hit by a 7.8 degree earthquake on April 16 and the FCB Foundation is asking fans and members, in collaboration with Unicef, to once again show their support for such causes.

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Crisis situation

According to the latest Unicef data, 250,000 children have been affected by the disaster, and 23 million dollars will need to be raised to support them for the next three months.

14 million of that will be used to provide water, basic sanitation and hygiene in the temporary shelters, health centre, schools and communities. The rest is needed for education, education and health purposes.

The first plane, carrying 103 cubic tons of supplies from Unicef arrived in Quito on April 21, from where it is being distributed to the areas most in need.

At least 720,000 people in the country are in need of urgent aid after over 1,100 buildings either collapsed or suffered serious damage, meaning 25,000 people are now living in temporary accommodation

Solidarity at La Masia

The situation has hit home at La Masia. Quique Saverio, of the U19 B team, was born in Ecuador and he and his family are deeply concerned about what has happened in their country. Quique has always been a popular figure in the FCB academy. He was the leader of a Christmas campaign last December and the visits to the residents at Hospital de Dia de Sant Joan de Déu.

Quique was the inspiration for the youth teams to prepare a banner saying “We’re all with Ecuador. FC Barcelona’s Masia with those affected by the earthquake”. Quique was visibly moved when he saw what had been done, especially when president Josep Maria Bartomeu personally joined them in a photo shoot with other representatives of La Masia in a show of support for the South American country.

The first team players have also expressed their feelings about the crisis in Ecuador. Just before the game with Sporting on Saturday, they appeared at the Camp Nou with a banner encouraging people to make donations as part of a campaign involving La Liga and Unicef.