FC Barcelona and UNICEF renew and strengthen their alliance

The agreement is extended to 2020 and the club will increase its annual donation to the charity to two million euros per year

The partnership between FC Barcelona and UNICEF is stronger than ever after the two agreed to extend their alliance through to 2020 on Thursday.

In what is their tenth year of working together, FC Barcelona will increase its annual donation to the charity from 1.5 million euros to 2 million euros.

In attendance at the Camp Nou to see in the new agreement were FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, vice-president Jordi Cardoner, Executive Director of UNICEF Anthony Lake and president of the Spanish Committee of UNICEF, Carmelo Angulo.

Some 50 school children were also at the event to give their thoughts on the great work that the charity does as well as the rights of children around the world.

Over a million beneficiaries in ten years

With the slogan: “United to make a million dreams come true,” Barça and UNICEF publically reaffirmed their promise to the most vulnerable children on the planet, and the first team players have also joined the cause.

Next September will mark ten years of the first deal agreed between Barça and UNICEF at the United Nations in New York. Since then, the pair have joined forces to help over a million children in seven countries.

From 2006 to 2010, the pair worked in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola in the awareness, detection and prevention of HIV/aids. From 2011, the work has been focused on South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and China, using sport as an educational too.

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FC Barcelona and UNICEF renew and strengthen... por fcbarcelona