FC Barcelona and UNICEF, 10 years of partnership and many more to come

The two organisations look back at the work done since 2006, for which Barça has given 15 million euros and has reached more than one million children in seven countries

FC Barcelona and UNICEF have agreed to extend their alliance for four more years, through to 2020, during which FC Barcelona will increase its annual donation to the charity from 1.5 million Euros to 2 million Euros. This growth opens new horizons and serves mainly to increase the number of projects and beneficiaries, while continuing to use sport as a social tool.

Given this long and ambitious road FC Barcelona Vice President, Jordi Cardoner, and UNICEF's Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships, Gérard Bocquenet, have made a video taking a look back at the ten-year-old partnership with special focus on the countries that have benefits from the projects, as well as the role of sport as a source of values, the involvement of the players, and Barça's following as the Club of the Children.

From 2006 to 2010, the two have worked in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola in the awareness, detection and prevention of HIV/aids. From 2011, the work has been focused on South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and China, using sport as an educational tool. FC Barcelona has contributed a total of 15 million Euros over the last decade to projects benefiting more than one million children.

Statements by Jordi Cardoner

"The money we provide is an incalculable social investment."

"Using sport as a social tool foments an understanding of the Barça model, our team and our players. When we think about values, we think of our players. Behind these myths are enormous hearts."

"Today there are big football clubs and big football teams; the difference between a club and a team is social commitment."

Statements by Gérard Bocquenet

"The right to play is part of the Convention on Children’s Rights and is key to the physical and psychological development of children."

"The positioning of the Barça as the Club of the Children fits in very well with what UNICEF is, an organization for children. It demonstrates that the Barça practices what it preaches."