Edmílson renews agreement with the FC Barcelona Foundation

The former Barça player signed this Tuesday an extension of the collaboration between the Edmílson Foundation and the FC Barcelona Foundation that will allow them to continue to work on educational projects in Brazil

The FC Barcelona Foundation and the Edmilson Foundation have extended their collaborative agreement this Tuesday during a meeting between the ex-Barça player José Edmílson and the FC Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The two organisations have agreed to continue working together in Brazil on educational projects that aim to help youngsters in most need. This joint effort has been in place since 2006 and up until now the work has brought impressive results. Soon the ‘FutbolNet’ project will be added to the list of existing programmes as currently the FC Barcelona Foundation is working to help the Edmílson Foundation incorporate the methodology into its activities.

Edmílson in London for charity '1 in 11' auction

Edmílson has been involved in various projects concerning the FC Barcelona Foundation. Last October he lent his support to the ‘FutbolNet’ project in the Maré neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Edmílson was also involved in the FutbolNet Festival that took place in the same location with the idea of encouraging youngsters to take on board the value involved in the game of football.

Furthermore, Edmílson will represent FC Barcelona in the charity auction that will take place in the name of the ‘1 in 11’ project at Sotheby’s in London. The objective is to raise money to fund educational programmes for children in Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia.

A player committed to his community

The Edmilson Foudation was set up in 2006 and is based in the Brazilian town of Taquaritinga. Its aim is to help build a better future for children and young adults in Brazil via education, training and community development. Its educational programme ‘Sowing Dreams’ helps 300 youngsters between the ages of six and 14 via projects based on sport, IT and art amongst other subjects.