The Foundation and Unicef join forces to help those affected by earthquakes in Mexico

More than 5,000 schools have been damaged or destroyed and the two organisations have decided to divert part of their annual contribution to the efforts to help children affected by the disaster

FC Barcelona Foundation has answered the call from UNICEF to help with the state of emergency that has been called in Mexico following the earthquakes in the country between 7 and 19 September. Around seven million children live in the areas affected by the tragedy which has destroyed or damaged close to 5,100 schools.

For that reason, the FCB Foundation and UNCIEF have decided to donate 200,000 euros immediately to help the efforts to deal with the disaster. UNICEF and its partners are working in the area to establish temporary schools, promote directives on security in these centres, train teachers in psychosocial support and distribute educational material and development kits for amongst teachers and carers.

It is worth remembering that the Foundation and UNICEF extended their alliance in February 2016 until 2020 with an increase in the Club’s annual contribution from 1.5 million to 2 million euros, a rise that allows funds to be diverted to the various emergencies that affect children around the world such as is the case in Mexico right now.

More information on how to help the situation in Mexico: Unicef

Statement from Jordi Cardoner:

“From FC Barcelona and the FC Barcelona Foundation, we want to express our support for the Mexican people after the earthquakes that have affected the country in the month of September. As a global entity, we cannot be isolated from the unfortunate events that affect people around the world. Our slogan is ‘More than a Club’ and in this type of situation we focus particularly on the children, who are the most vulnerable.”