Deco visits 'FutbolNet'

The former blaugrana shared a football session with some of the youngsters involved in the project

The former Barça player Anderson Luis de Souza ‘Deco’ paid a visit on Monday to the youngsters involved in the ‘FutbolNet’ project at the Flos i Calcat school in the Nou Barris neighbourhood of the city of Barcelona. The Brazilian ex-player came to Catalonia thanks to his work with Gillette, a company he promotes back in his home country. Gillette are also involved in ‘FutbolNet’, supporting the project in the city of Taquaritinga along with the Edmilson Foundation.

The educational team gave Deco a full explanation of the teaching philosophy behind the project, the values it promotes (respect, effort, teamwork, modesty and ambition) and the commitment of the youngsters involved. The former Barça midfielder took part in one of the sessions and then went on to give a short talk to the youngsters about his experiences as a player and the importance of fair play on and off the field.
‘FutbolNet’ is an educational project that attempts to educate children and young people via the promotion of positive values though the practice of sport. The programme focuses on five values that are considered essential for personal development which are discussed both before and after the game. Currently the project is being applied in more than 40 countries around the world and involves more than 130,000 beneficiaries.


“I really liked the ‘FutbolNet’ project. Any project that attempts to help children always interests me. I think it’s fantastic that the FC Barcelona Foundation is getting behind this project and also that Gillette is supporting it too. It’s very important to promote values amongst young people and to do it via football is a great idea. They enjoy it and, what’s more, they learn.”