Call for aid for the victims of the Nepal earthquake

FC Barcelona wishes to be a voice for the work that Unicef is doing to help almost three million Nepalese children that are in situations of risk following the disaster

FC Barcelona is aware of how much the people of Nepal are suffering after their country was hit by a devastating earthquake, and wishes to offer its services to help Unicef with everything it is doing to deal with the emergency.

Unicef is striving to provide essential medicines, medical and surgical kits, tents and drinking water to the emergency hospitals that have been set up in the zone.

One of the biggest concerns is the possibility of diseases like measles breaking out due to the precarious living conditions. So, alongside the WHO, Unicef is promoting a vaccination campaign set up by the Nepalese Ministry for Health and the Population, which hopes to attend to more than half a million children.

The United Nations’ agency for children has opened a bank account where anybody can make donations to help almost three million boys and girls that are in serious situations of risk following the disaster.


Before the last Liga game at the Camp Nou, against Getafe, a minute’s silence was observed in memory of those who have died. On Saturday, before the game with Real Sociedad, the club will once again be expressing its concern for the Nepalese people by showing a message on the video scoreboards explaining what people can do support Unicef with its emergency plans.