Barcelona will host a leading pediatric cancer centre, the largest in Europe

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, with the support of the Leo Messi Foundation, the FC Barcelona Foundation and the IESE Business School launch a campaign to involve individuals and businesses in the financing of the new centre 

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, with the support of the Leo Messi Foundation, the FC Barcelona Foundation and the IESE Business School, are set to carry out a campaign which aims to collect 30M euros via donations to build the largest oncology cancer centre in Europe. The initiative is directed towards individuals and businesses to encourage them to collaborate in the financing of the centre via small and large donations.

The new SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona will be able to treat 400 patients a year, 30% more than the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu currently manages (215 new cases a year and 70 relapsed cases or second opinion).

In total the facilities will occupy some 5,137 square metres in a four storey building situated next to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.The new centre will have 40 rooms, 8 chambers for hematopoietic progenitors transplantation and state of the art medical equipment.

In a second phase of fund raising, the hospital aims to bring in an innovative radiotheraphy proton treatment that is currently unavailable in Spain. The treatment is aimed at patients with cerebral tumours and it allows the affected zone to be less damaged by the direct radiation.

The construction of the new centre is set to begin later in 2017 in order to be ready for late 2018.

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Why is a pediatric oncological centre needed?

It is important for research into new, less aggressive treatments, train pediatric oncologists and to treat a greater number of patients.

Child cancer has its origins in the formation of organs and tissue as the human body develops and is distinct to adult forms of cancer. It cannot be predicted, therefore screening is not an option and treatment can serious side effects for the patient, as well as being a disease that has a great emotional effect on children and their families.

Why the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu?

The hospital specialises in maternal and child care and is international leader in the treatment of several types of tumour. It is the centre in Spain that deals with most child cancer cases in Spain and one of the leaders in Europe with 215 new cases each year with 70 relapse cases and second opinion.

Sant Joan de Déu is also one of the few European hospitals that has an exclusive bank of pediatric tumours, an important asset in the field of research. Their professionals apply a translational research model that allows patients to benefit from the latest developments in treatment. For example, the hospital is developing a first test based on immunotheraphy with vaccines for dendritic cells against diffuse glioma in the brainstem (a tumour that is currently incurable). Thanks to this mode, the oncohematological service at Sant Joan de Déu has high rates of success. As of today, some 80% of cancer patients treated in the hospital overcome the disease.

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