'Barçakids' will reach hospitals and open centres

The Foundation has created a new version of the project called ‘The island of 5 Barçakids values’ which will allow more people to benefit

'Barçakids' is a programme created by the FC Barcelona Foundation to that for the third year in succession has visited schools in Catalan speaking areas to impart to primary schoolchildren the important of values through sport. In the three years of the project, more than 150 educational centres have welcomed more than 40,000 children.

With the aim of extending the reach of the project ‘Barçakids’, the Foundation has created a new version that can be used in hospitals, open centres and other educational and leisure centres. It is called ‘The island of 5 Barçakids values’, an educational resource directed at children of between six and 12 years of age.

‘The island of 5 Barçakids values’ takes the form of a box that contains a board game (based on a map of an island) where a total of 45 teaching sheets are available to allow educational staff to work on the five core values of the programme: respect, team work, effort, modesty and ambition. The ‘Barçakids’ dragon accompanies the children during their adventure in which moral dilemmas are put to the kids in a group atmosphere to work in a group atmosphere, on sporting activities, manual skills and other games to develop their creativity.

Foundation patron Jordi Bellmunt highlights the great reception that the project has had so far. “You only have to look into the eyes of the children to realise how much they enjoy it. Talking to the educational staff and school directors, we are now aware just how fantastically well the ‘Barçakids’ project is working,” he added.

In the next few months new material will be distributed around the centres and professional training will be available to allow professionals to put the project into practice with the children.