'Barçakids' crosses the Mediterranean to reach Alguer

'Barçakids' has travelled to Sardinia in its quest to teach values and encourage the use of Catalan among young people This is the longest journey the project has made so far, after already visiting Mallorca and Valencia

'Barçakids' has crossed the Mediterranean to Alguer, where from Wednesday to Friday it is in action at a school in the town on the island of Sardinia. This is the longest journey the project has made so far, after already visiting Mallorca and Valencia.

'Barçakids', as in all the other territories, is looking to introduce the children of Alguer to the values derived from healthy sport through pedagogic classroom and sporting activities. About 150 primary school pupils from various schools in the town are learning right now about the project being promoted by the FC Barcelona Foundation at the Vía Malta comprehensive school, with much expectation being aroused not just among the youngsters, but also among the local education community, who have done all they can to support the initiative.

Encouraging Catalan

'Barçakids' is not just there to use its pedagogic resources to spread values. It has an additional motive for appearing in Alguer. In the weeks building up to the event, which is run entirely in Catalan, the local teachers have been working hard on encouraging the use of that language among their pupils. Alguer is traditionally a Catalan speaking town, but the local children have relatively limited knowledge of the language. The FC Barcelona Foundation has been providing didactic materials about the project for use in classrooms, and one of the main aims is to do whatever it can to improve the children’s linguistic capabilities.

The 'Barçakids' project has reached Alguer thanks to the collaboration between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Espacio Llull that the Generalitat de Catalunya has established in the town.