‘Barçakids’ launches mobile application

The FCB Foundation aims to continue promoting values through sport with an app that offers educational games and content about Barça for kids

The FC Barcelona Foundation has expanded its range of educational resources of its 'Barçakids' project with the release of a new mobile application designed for children between 6 and 10 years.

This new tool, which also goes by the name of Barçakids, offers to children a host of content about Barça, stories, comics, recipes, informative reports that help nourish the imagination in regard to values that drive the Foundation.

Barçakids is the first official application launched by the FC Barcelona Foundation and also the first of FC Barcelona aimed at children. It is free, available in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and Portuguese) and available on Android and iOs.

Links to download the app:

ITunes - Apple Store

Google Play – Android Store

‘Barçakids’, a 360º educational experience

The initiative is born out of a virtual extension of the ‘Barçakids’ project and has the goal of adapting to the digital world, divided into three sections: activities, games and videos.

The aim is to move the educational side of things to the mobile environment to provide the project with a 360 degree educational experience.

Barçakids has a physical presence in the form of sessions with the children at the Camp Nou facilities and at schools, an extension on the web through fcbkids.cat, which allows teachers and families to work on the values with the kids in the classroom and at home; and from now on, the mobile application adds a great deal of entertainment to the projects in order to reach the children in a more natural way, while consuming content and playing.

7,000 beneficiaries in the 2015/16 campaign

Barçakids is a programme developed by the FC Barcelona Foundation aimed at children which seeks to promote and strengthen their system of values through the teaching principles of sport, play and active and inclusive participation.

During the 2015/16 campaign, 7,000 children in 56 educational centres benefited from the project.