Raising awareness to improve the reception of refugees and migrants

The aim of the alliance with the Red Cross is to raise awareness about the refugee crisis and improve reception in our cities and communities. Both parties are working on a values education project called Tant se val d'on veni (No matter where we come from), aimed at children.

A series of workshops have been held with the central element of puppet shows that tell children simple stories about the refugee crisis, actively involving them, and enabling the acquisition of humanitarian values. The puppet show is accompanied by other complementary activities to encourage thinking and awareness that enhance the transmission and internalization of these values. These actions have reached more than 4,000 people, actively involving families and primary school teachers.

Another important facet of this alliance with the Red Cross is donations. A major effort has been made to donate sports equipment and clothing (trousers, T-shirts, socks, jackets, etc.) aimed at the most vulnerable groups.


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Our commitment to the Red Cross

In 2017, the Barça Foundation, as part of our refugee program, joined the Red Cross with the aim of raising awareness among Catalans about the situation of those forced to flee their homes.

We design workshops with puppet shows in which children and their families are involved in this process of acquiring humanitarian values.

We promote the learning and implementation of attitudes and behaviours that improve coexistence with and respect for newcomers.

We encourage a sense of empathy and solidarity towards the migrant and refugee population and promote their integration, combatting discriminatory, racist or xenophobic behaviour.


The alliance is framed within the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a clear commitment to education in values and its potential for change.

Josep Quitet

President of the Red Cross in Catalonia

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