Raising awareness amongst the public of the reality of refugee life

The Barça Foundation and the Open Arms Foundation have worked together since 2016. During this time, the Barça Foundation has given support to the entity’s work in raising awareness, which they have carried out in Catalonia.

One of the most recent agreements is support for the Origen programme in Senegal. The aim is to strengthen the abilities and knowledge in communities, in particular amongst young people, to contribute to their individual and community development.


How Open Arms acts to face the refugee crisis for those who wish to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea

Open Arms

We work together so that no more lives are lost in the Mediterranean

Open Arms is undertaking a series of activities in Catalonia to raise awareness amongst the population of the situation for refugees.

The reasons why they flee their country of origin, their journey and the challenges they face upon their arrival in Europe are examples of this awareness campaign.

Onboard the ASTRAL vessel, meetings and activities are held to bring people closer to what the symbolic boat has seen first hand: The humanitarian crisis.


With what we have spent bailing out banks, we could end world hunger

Òscar Camps

Founder and Director of Open Arms

It is absolutely necessary to give support to Open Arms, because of their exceptional work and to save thousands of lives every year

Jordi Cardoner

First Vice President of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation

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