An exemplary sportsperson

FC Barcelona Foundation ambassador and inspirational figure for diversity and inclusion

Àlex Roca is an athlete with cerebral palsy, assessed as having a physical disability rating of 76%. He is known for having taken part in a host of triathlons and races such as the 2019 Titan Desert, among others. Àlex has reduced mobility in his left side and communicates via sign language. Through his story of overcoming adversity through sport, he has become an iconic figure in the field of diversity and inclusion. He has been an FC Barcelona Foundation ambassador since 2021.

Raising Awareness

“You set your own limits”: Àlex Roca’s motivational talks

As well as being an ambassador , the sportsperson collaborates with the Foundation through motivational talks linked to his personal story, speaking to various in-house groups at FC Barcelona about his motto for life and self-improvement: “You set your own limits”. Roca is accompanied by his partner, Mari Carmen Maza, who also acts as his interpreter, as Roca uses sign language to communicate. Àlex Roca supports the Foundation’s strategy of raising awareness about diversity in all its forms.