A true example

FC Barcelona Foundation Ambassador

Despite his apparent limitations, Roca has participated in several triathlons and competitions, including the Titan Desert Race in 2019, 4 triathlons, and more recently the Barcelona half marathon (21km) in October 2021. The athlete consistently overcomes cerebral palsy with 76% physical disability, two operations, and other complications. The most severe problems related to his condition affect mobility in his arms and legs. Thanks to its history of personal improvement through sport, it has become a benchmark for diversity and inclusion. Since November 2021, he has been an ambassador for the FC Barcelona Foundation.

Strategy about diversity

“The Limit - You Put It Yourself”: motivational talks

Beyond the honorific title of Ambassador, Àlex Roca collaborates with the Foundation through various motivational talks and conferences whereby he shares his childhood and life journey, which are reflections that all tie into his personal motto, “The Limit - You Put It Yourself”. His partner, Mari Carme Maza, accompanies Àlex during these eventsand acts as his interpreter - given that he communicates with sign language. He also provides support to the Foundation’s awareness raising strategy about diversity in all its forms.