The projects aim to foster equal opportunities for children and young people at risk of social exclusion, whether for socio-economic, gender, capacity and origin reasons.

The Foundation focuses part of its efforts on supporting children and young people in Catalonia and a total of 58 countries around the world.

Projects have been run in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

tots units fem força (TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER)

Related partnerships

Pau Gasol Foundation

Alliance to prevent childhood obesity and promote healthy habits among children through physical activity and sport.

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Cruyff Foundation

The Barça Foundation and the Johann Cruyff Foundation work together with to foster the social inclusion of children and young people.

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Scholas Occurrentes

Fostering education in values through various actions to integrate education communities around the world.

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Collaboration with the Generalitat for the socio-educational and emotional support of young refugees in at-risk situations.

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The goal is to fight the poverty that is rife in our society by addressing the problem using appropriate measures and strategies.

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Catalan Football Federation Foundation

Solidarity and inclusion actions using football.

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Provincial Councils

Agreement to contribute to equal opportunities for children and young people in Catalonia.

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We receive support from companies and foundations in our country and around the world


Since 2017 we have worked together for social inclusion through sport. Since 2019, thanks to Konami, we have brought the Diversity Programme to Japan.

Project Participation


Main partner for the club, working with the Foundation since 2018. Through the Made To Play initiative we work in seven neighbourhoods in Barcelona, reaching 30 tutors and almost 600 children.

Project Participation


With their support, since 2012 we have reached more than 15.000 children from Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, creating strategies for the pacific resolution of conflict.

Project Participation


Since 2012, support from Councils in Barcelona, Lleida, Gerona and Tarragona has benefited more than 112,000 children from 75 areas beneficiaries of the social inclusion programme.

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